How we help

We introduce new perspectives and instill new ways of operating through sharing our Vital Innovation framework. We use the following ways to engage with our clients:


You want to assess the current culture of your organization or an organization your are thinking about acquiring, and want to ensure it will lend itself toward a high-performing innovative organization. Or you are planning to merge existing organizations and want to be clear as to whether the cultures will integrate. We can create an assessment of any organization around our key Vital Innovation tenets, and help you identify next steps toward a more innovative culture.

Speaking Engagements

You are looking to introduce some new ideas into your organization? We can present Vital Innovation customized to your business or industry, and open new pathways and viewpoints for your people, allowing them access to new ways of operating.


You have a team you want to infuse with an innovative way of operating. We can create a bespoke workshop for you and your team, either as a one-day overview, or a multiple day in-depth experience to ensure that the new concepts are not just intellectually grasped, but are exercised and deeply worked into the fabric of how you operate.

Corporate Retreat Immersions

If you are really looking to institute fundamental change, we recommend to create a transformational environment outside your normal workplace. In a new and relaxed environment, deeper learning can be affected, allowing for radical transformation of your team.


You or your team are grasping the elementary concepts of an innovative culture. In addition, you want to ensure that you and your team have continued support around how to implement it on a day to day basis, how to deal with roadblocks, fallbacks or other obstacles that might stand in the way of your success.


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