Innovatives bring new things to life. They change not just how we do things, but why we do things. They change the mechanics by connecting us to the meaning behind what we do.

We consider ourselves as Innovatives supporting Innovatives - because we have introduced new approaches and perspectives throughout our lives, be it in our communities, for our clients, and most importantly for ourselves.

We consider ourselves constantly evolving – pushing those core values of Vital Innovation further and further for ourselves and in the work we do.

inos consists of a small core team who found each other and realized that in spite of vastly different professional domains, we all had in common that we catalyzed change wherever we applied ourselves. In addition, we have been building a growing but selective network of fellow Innovatives who complement our services so we can make sure to deliver complete solutions to our clients.

philip horváth – Innovation Catalyst

philipphilip has served as catalyst and consultant to social communities, lifestyle brands, media companies, Fortune 500 businesses, and next generation ventures. His clients have included NBC Universal, Liz Claiborne, ITT Tech, Experian, and many others large and small. Through his work, he realized why innovation teams fail: they focus on the mechanics of their work, not on the meaning it will create within people’s lives. philip began to help teams connect with the “meaning” of their innovations to the external world. For more than 20 years, philip has refined what it means to innovate. Combining transformational technologies like yoga and alchemy with 21st century information technology and neuroscience, all the while staying true to his artistic roots and his vision for crafting global culture, he has helped teams pioneer new approaches in community innovation, media innovation, operating innovation, and experience innovation.

Barry Goldberg – Culture Catalyst

barryBarry is a native Angeleno multi medium producer and artist. A cultural activist. As a recording engineer and music producer, he has worked with grammy nominated, multi platinum artists such as Fleetwood Mac, Marilyn Manson, Snoop Dogg/Dr. Dre, Rickie Lee Jones, The Bright Room and Smashing Pumpkins. Working in the music industry, Barry saw the creative challenges that arise when one brings together the world’s top talent, with diverse skills, to produce a single piece of music. He noticed how different the outcome of a production could be with the right culture allowing for open collaboration and providing proper support and development for the artist. He recognized the importance of “holding creative space,” being able to feel the room, keeping a free flow where everyone feels heard, safe and inspired to be their best.

Tina Admans – COO

tinaTina Admans is a business leader who inspires and drives teams to create a different future — for customers, colleagues, partners, and investors. Tina has led technology, operating, and management initiatives in a variety of settings such as General Electric, the world’s best managed company, NBC’s satellite broadcasting venture, and Panavision, the global market leader and Academy Award winning provider of camera and lighting services for the film and television industry. While leading local teams to make a global impact, Tina witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of applying industrial-age management principles to innovation-age leadership roles. In the past, management looked in the rear-view mirror: they reviewed last month’s financials, uncovered recurring problems, and improved upon their company’s prior operating results. Today, leaders must also look to the future: they must create a shared vision, model a culture of learning and trust, and lead teams to introduce next new things.

Stosh Machek – Cultural Advisor

stoshStosh Machek has worked at both ends of the spectrum for social change: as a therapeutic behaviorist who inspires his client’s personal creativity, and as a security operative who monitors situational risks and manages for social results. As a musician, poet, and a life-long student of the Martial Arts, Stosh brings an artist’s sensitivities—and a warrior’s situational awareness—to help teams create a positive social impact. While guiding individuals and teams, Stosh realized that more often than not, people tended to focus inward on their themselves, instead of outward on others. He recognized this as ‘an issue of perspective.’ And he considered it a root issue that prevents innovative individuals and teams from introducing something new: they are trapped by their culture and language, by their framing of situations, and by their personal measures of success. Stosh implements a different approach: see from many points of views, learn from social cues, strive for a positive impact for all people involved.

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