Vital Innovation

Imagine you had a framework to help you stay innovative in any situation or project.

We created Vital Innovation for exactly that reason.

It is based on six disruptive memes that you can insert and use to assess and improve on your level of Innovation:

LeadershipLeadershipBeing willing and able to address a perceived situation.

By allowing everyone to be a leader, you empower everyone in your organization to serve the organization’s purpose. Our model of leadership creates an environment of trust and enables everyone to autonomously make decisions in the interest of your organization, reducing the efforts involved in management.


GeniusGeniusConnecting and conversing with your highest potential.

By creating space for people to connect to their highest capacity, you build the aptitude of your organization. Many people think genius is reserved for a chosen few, but each of us has the ability to create spontaneous insight and tap into our creativity. We teach you to do exactly that.


IntelligencesAbility to perceive and act on patterns.

By raising awareness of multiple intelligences you expand the range of your organization. Each of us has multiple different intelligences which we use to navigate reality. While many focus on mental intelligence as our primary operating intelligence, we teach you to tap into your physical, emotional, relational and creative intelligences.


CollaborationCollaborationFacilitating individual contribution.

By seeking out and fostering the quiet voices, and allowing for new forms of governance, you can act in unity. Collaboration occurs between fully enabled individuals. We work with you to understand how you function within a team, what roles need to be fulfilled, and how to use the latest collaborative technologies to create a successful project together.


WisdomWisdomBeing enabled to do something tomorrow that you couldn’t do today.

By focusing on learning instead of only on getting the project done, you enable people to do the right thing. In a world of data and information, it is crucial to ask the right questions in order to gain knowledge, and have ways of testing in real-time to turn that knowledge into wisdom.


ProgressProgressMeasuring your impact based on your values.

By measuring the things that have meaning to you and your organization, you create more holistic performance indicators. Everything can be measured. Instead of losing yourself in goals, establish clear metrics that allow you to react flexibly to changes in your environment and give you insights into how effective you are working toward your core values.


meme /ˈmiːm/

An idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture. A meme acts as a unit for carrying cultural ideas, symbols or practices, which can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals or other imitable phenomena.

We can help you assess where you stand with regard to these memes, and help you bring these memes into the way you operate.

We offer workshops, retreats and individual or team coaching.

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